Alberich of Reims

Intro Archbishop of Bourges
A.K.A. Aubry de Reims
Was Religious scholar Theologian
From France
Type Religion
Gender male
Birth 1085
Death 1141 (aged 56 years)

Alberich of Reims (c. 1085 – 1141) studied with Anselm of Laon. He was a master at Rheims from 1118 to 1136 and the Archdeacon there from 1131 to 1136. He served as Archbishop of Bourges from 1136 to 1141. Alberich along with another student of Anselm's, Lotulf of Lombardy, instigated proceedings against Peter Abelard, charging him with the heresy of Sabellius in a provincial synod held at Soissons in 1121.

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