Alexei Maximov

Intro Soviet-born enamellist, portrait painter of European royals, and oil painter
A.K.A. Aleksey Aleksandrovich Maksimov
Is Painter
From Russia
Type Arts
Gender male
Birth 1952, Soviet Union, Soviet Union
Portrait painting
Landscape art

Alexei Maximov is a Soviet-born enamellist and oil painter.


In his work Maximov has used traditional methods of enamel art production, without contemporary digital set ovens. During the late 20th-century, Maximov led a resurgence of enamel-based art in Russia. The first exhibition of Maximov’s work occurred at the Podolsk Town Museum in 1979, and the second was held in 1979 at the State Literature Museum in Moscow. Another exhibition Maximov’s work took place at the Kremlin Armoury. In 2012 an exhibition of his work was held in the William Kent House in London, showing his enamel miniature portraits of members of the royal families of the UK, the Netherlands, and Norway. This included the twentieth anniversary of his portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as well as her Diamond Jubilee. Following the exhibition of the works, which can only be seen by appointment, they were put up for auction. Queen Elizabeth II recommended that Princess Anne sit for Maximov the following week, and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother later that month. His work has been a part of around one hundred art exhibitions.

Personal life

Alexei Maximov is from St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1988 he was awarded the Grand Prix of the Leningrad Committee of The Union of Russian Artists.

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