Auguste Boissonneau

Intro French ornithologist and Ocularist
A.K.A. Boissonneau
Was Zoologist Scientist
From France
Type Biology Science
Gender male
Birth 26 June 1802, Tours, France
Death 7 July 1883, Paris, France (aged 81 years)
Star sign Cancer

Advertisement from Boissonneau in The Medical Directory for Scotland, 1854 Auguste Boissonneau (26 July 1802, Saumur – 7 July 1883, Paris) was a French ornithologist and ocularist. In the latter field he was a pioneer of ocular prosthesis. As an ornithologist, he was the taxonomic authority of numerous species native to tropical and subtropical South America. The hummingbird genus Boissonneaua commemorates his name, as does the species Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii (streaked tuftedcheek), a bird circumscribed by Frédéric de Lafresnaye in 1840.

Ornithological taxa described by Boissonneau

Black-chested mountain tanager – Cnemathraupis eximia. Blue-and-black tanager – Tangara vassorii. Blue cotinga – Cotinga nattererii. Bronze-tailed thornbill – Chalcostigma heteropogon. Buff-breasted mountain tanager – Dubusia taeniata. Collared inca – Coeligena torquata. Colombian mountain grackle – Macroagelaius subalaris. Crimson-mantled woodpecker – Piculus rivolii. Glossy flowerpiercer – Diglossa lafresnayii. Green-and-black fruiteater – Pipreola riefferii. Green-bearded helmetcrest – Oxypogon guerinii. Golden-bellied starfrontlet – Coeligena bonapartei. Golden-fronted whitestart- Myioborus ornatus. Grey-browed brush finch – Arremon assimilis. Metallic-green tanager – Tangara labradorides. Mountain velvetbreast – Lafresnaya lafresnayi. Moustached brush finch – Atlapetes albofrenatus. Pale-naped brush finch – Atlapetes pallidinucha. Purple-backed thornbill – Ramphomicron microrhynchum. Slaty brush finch – Atlapetes schistaceus. Smoky bush tyrant – Myiotheretes fumigatus. Sword-billed hummingbird – Ensifera ensifera White-throated toucanet – Aulacorhynchus albivitta.

Partial bibliography

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