Bernhard von Hülsen

Intro German general
A.K.A. Bernhard Franz Karl Adolf von Hülsen
Was Writer
From Germany
Type Literature
Gender male
Birth 20 April 1865, Kosel, Germany
Death 21 April 1950, Potsdam, Germany (aged 85 years)
Star sign Taurus

Reichswehrminister Gustav Noske visiting the Freikorps Hülsen, January 1919 Bernhard Franz Karl Adolf von Hülsen (20 April 1865 – 21 April 1950) was a German general. He was the son of Prussian colonel lieutenant Hermann von Hülsen (1816–1867) and his second wife Helene, née von Clausewitz. Walter von Hülsen (1863–1947), later general of infantry, was his older brother. Hülsen married Magdalene von Schaper on 31 July 1896 in Berlin. On 26 December 1918 after World War I, Hülsen formed the Freikorps (von) Hülsen, a paramilitary unit which participated in the suppression of the Spartacist League in Berlin. In 1921, Generalleutnant von Hülsen commanded units in the Battle of Annaberg in Upper Silesia. In 1922, he published Der Kampf um Oberschlesien.

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