Carl Christian Traugott Friedemann Goebel

Intro German pharmacist
A.K.A. Karl Christian Traugott Friedemann Goebel, Goebel, Karl Christian Trau…
Was Zoologist Entomologist Scientist Botanist Chemist Pharmacologist Pharmacist Professor Educator
From Germany
Type Academia Biology Healthcare Science
Gender male
Birth 21 February 1794, Niederroßla, Germany
Death 26 May 1851, Tartu, Sweden (aged 57 years)
Star sign Pisces

Karl Christian Traugott Friedemann Goebel (21 February 1794, Niederroßla – 26 May 1851, Dorpat) was a German pharmacist and chemist. Following training at an apothecary in Eisenach, he studied pharmacy at the University of Jena (from 1813). In 1821 he was appointed head of the university pharmacy. In 1824 he became a professor at Jena, followed by a professorship of chemistry and physics at the University of Dorpat (1828). The botanical genus Goebelia (family Leguminosae) commemorates his name.

Written works

Grundlinien der pharmaceutischen Chemie und Stöchiometrie, 1821, third edition 1840 – Fundamentals of pharmaceutical chemistry and stoichiometry. Arzneimittel-Prüfungslehre, oder Anleitung zur Prüfe, 1824, second edition 1833 – Drug testing doctrine, etc. Pharmaceutische Waarenkunde mit illuminierten Kupfern, (with Gustav Kunze, Ernst Schenk), 1827–34, two volumes. Reise in die Steppen des südlichen Rußlands : unternommen von Goebel in Begleitung C. Claus u. A. Bergmann, 1838, two volumes. – Journey to the steppes of southern Russia; undertaken by Goebel in accompaniment with Karl Ernst Claus and A. Bergmann. Das Seebad bei Pernau an der Ostsee, 1845 – The seaside resort at Pärnu on the Baltic Sea. Die Grundlehren der Pharmacie, 1843–47, four volumes. – Basic instruction of pharmacy. Agriculturchemie für Vorträge auf Universitaten und landwirtschaftlichen Lehranstalten, 1850. – Agricultural chemistry for lectures at universities and agricultural colleges. The standard author abbreviation Goebel is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.

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