Christian II, Count of Oldenburg

Intro Count of Oldenburg
Is Count
From Germany
Type Royals
Gender male
Death 1233

Christian II, Count of Oldenburg (died 1233) was a German nobleman. He was the ruling Count of Oldenburg from 1209 until his death.


He was a son of Maurice I of Oldenburg (died 1211) and his wife Salome of Wickerode. After his father's death, he ruled jointly with his brother Otto I. They ruled harmoniously and managed significantly to expand the rights and territory of Oldenburg in Frisia. Christian II managed to end the sovereignty of the Archbishopric of Bremen over Oldenburg; in return he assisted Bremen against the rebellious farmers in Stedingen. He also fought many feuds against his liege lords, against his cousins, and against Hoya.

Marriage and issue

He married Agnes, a daughter of Count Arnold of Altena-Isenburg and had two sons: Otto (d. c.‚ÄČ1280), abbot in Bremen John I, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst

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