Claudius Colas

Intro French Esperantist
Known for Adjuvilo, L’Adjuvilo
A.K.A. Profesoro V. Esperema
Was Esperantist Editor Journalist
From France
Type Journalism Literature
Gender male
Birth 29 November 1884, Saint-Huruge, France
Death 11 September 1914 (aged 29 years)
Star sign Sagittarius

Claudius Colas, also known as Profesoro V. Esperema, was a French Esperantist who lived from 1884 to 1914. In 1910, he created the constructed language Adjuvilo, which was a complete language that was never meant to be spoken but instead an effort to help create dissent in the then-growing Ido movement. In 1910, he co-founded IKUE, the foremost organization of Catholic Esperantists in the world. He died during the early days of World War I.

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