Countess Katharina Dorothea Finck of Finckenstein

Intro Prussian countess
A.K.A. Katharina Dorothea Gräfin Finck von Finckenstein
Was Noble
From Germany
Type Royals
Gender female
Birth 5 June 1700, East Prussia, Prussia
Death 15 July 1728, Halberstadt, Germany (aged 28 years)
Star sign Gemini

Countess Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Finck von Finckenstein (German: Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Gräfin Finck von Finckenstein; 6/7 June 1700 – 26 June 1728) was a member of the German noble family Finck von Finckenstein.

Early life

She was born in Schönberg, East Prussia, and was the daughter of Albrecht Christoph Count Finck von Finckenstein (1661–1730) and Arnolda Charlotte von Creytzen (1673–1749).

Marriage and issue

She married Count Georg Adam III von Schlieben (1688–1737) in Schönberg on 27 or 29 November 1720. They had three children: Countess Marie Charlotte Luise von Schlieben (1721–1803). She married Count Friedrich Konrad Finck von Finckenstein and had issue. Count Karl Leopold von Schlieben (1723–1788). One of his daughters, Countess Friederike of Schlieben, was married to Friedrich Karl Ludwig, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck, a member of the Danish Royal Family. Count Georg Adam IV von Schlieben (1728–1795). He married Katharina Elisabeth von der Marwitz and had issue.

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