Dwarkanath Madhav Pitale

Intro Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India
A.K.A. Nath Madhav
Was Writer
From India
Type Literature
Gender male
Birth 3 April 1882
Death 21 June 1928 (aged 46 years)
Star sign Aries

Dwarkanath Madhav Pitale (Devanagari: द्वारकानाथ माधव पितळे) (1882–1928) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India. He wrote under the pen name Nath Madhav (नाथमाधव) historical and social novels, the latter dealing with encouragement of women’s education and remarriages of widows, condemnation of the abhorrent practice of arranged marriages of children with adults, and similar social issues of his times. He lived in Pune. Some of his novels, including the following: Sawlya Tandel (सावळ्या तांडेल) "Veerdhaval" (वीरधवल) Rayaclub or Soneri Toli (रायाक्लब उर्फ़ सोनेरी टोळी) Wihangwrund (विहंगवृंद) Doctor (डॉक्टर) Swarajyacha Shreeganesha (स्वराज्याचा श्रीगणेशा) Deshmukhwadi (देशमुखवाडी)

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