Emil Warburg

Intro German physicist
A.K.A. Emil Gabriel Warburg
Was Scientist Physicist Professor Educator
From Germany
Type Academia Science
Gender male
Birth 9 March 1846, Altona, Germany
Death 28 July 1931, Bayreuth, Germany (aged 85 years)
Star sign Pisces
Residence Germany, Germany

Emil Gabriel Warburg ([ˈeːmiːl ˈvaːɐ̯bʊʁk]; 9 March 1846 – 28 July 1931) was a German physicist who during his career was professor of physics at the Universities of Strassburg, Freiburg and Berlin. He was president of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft 1899-1905. His name is notably associated with the Warburg element of electrochemistry. Among his students were James Franck (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1925), Eduard Grüneisen, Robert Pohl, Erich Regener and Hans von Euler-Chelpin (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1929). He carried out research in the areas of kinetic theory of gases, electrical conductivity, gas discharges, heat radiation, ferromagnetism and photochemistry. He was a member of the Warburg family, and the father of Otto Heinrich Warburg (Nobel Prize in Physiology, 1931). He was a friend of Albert Einstein.

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