Emperor Xianzong of Western Xia

Intro Emperor of the Western Xia Dynasty
A.K.A. Li Dewang
Was Emperor
From China
Type Royals
Gender male
Birth 1181
Death 1226 (aged 45 years)

Emperor Xianzong (1181–1226), born Li Dewang 李德旺, was the 9th emperor of the Western Xia (reigned 1223–1226). He was the second son of Emperor Shenzong who had abdicated to him.


Emperor Xianzong inherited a weak empire as his predecessors' Emperor Xiangzong and Emperor Shenzong whose reckless attacks on the Jin dynasty and attempts to ally with the Mongols drained the economy. Emperor Xianzong changed his predecessors' policies and decided to ally with Jin dynasty. However, the Jin dynasty was under a barrage of assault from the Mongol Empire and was unable to help out Western Xia. Emperor Xianzong also changed the policy for Mongols. He decided to fight against the Mongol invaders instead of allying with them. However, the Western Xia armies were exhausted from long, incessant, and costly wars against the Jin, and were unable to repel the Mongol assaults. Xianzong died in 1226.

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