Erich Correns

Intro German artist
Was Painter
From Germany
Type Arts
Gender male
Birth 3 March 1821, Cologne, Germany
Death 14 June 1877, Munich, Germany (aged 56 years)
Star sign Pisces
Portrait painting
Genre painting

Duchess Helene in Bavaria, 1859 Erich Correns (1821–1877) was a German portrait painter and lithographer.


Correns was born at Cologne in 1821, and after studying jurisprudence at Bonn, went to the Academy at Munich, and became an accomplished portrait painter and lithographer. He was well known for the elegance of his portraits, his subjects including King Maximilian of Bavaria and his consort Queen Maria. He died at Munich in 1877. The botanist and geneticist Karl Erich Correns was his son. Fishing house at the shore of the Gebirgssee, 1859 Southern belle, ca. 1850 Johann Petzmayer, Austrian zither player and composer, lithograph from 1849


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