Ernst Zitelmann

Intro German jurist
A.K.A. Conrad Ernst Zitelmann
Was Author Professor Educator Writer Poet Jurist
From Germany
Type Academia Law Literature
Gender male
Birth 7 August 1852, Szczecin, Kingdom of Prussia
Death 25 November 1923, Bonn, Germany (aged 71 years)
Star sign Leo

Ernst Zitelmann [tsi:tlman] (7 August 1852, Stettin – 28 November 1923, Bonn) was a German jurist, who specialized in the dogmatics of civil law. He studied law at the universities of Leipzig, Heidelberg and Bonn. In 1873 he got his dissertation at the university of Leipzig with the topic "Begriff und Wesen der juristischen Person" ("concept and constitution of a legal person"). Zitelmann with wife and daughters in front of the "villa on the Rhine". (ca. 1893) Later on, he received great public attention by publishing an article on "Die juristische Willenserklärung" ("the juridical declaration of intent", 1878) and a monograph named "Irrtum und Rechtsgeschäft" ("error and act of legal significance", 1879). Because of that he was nominated as an associate professor at the University of Göttingen in 1879. Some months later he went to the University of Rostock as a full professor. He taught as a professor at the University of Rostock (1879-1881), University of Halle (1881-1884), University of Bonn (1884-1921). At Bonn he taught classes in German civil law and Roman law". Zitelman died after an unsuccessful operation in 1923 in Bonn.

Literary works

Begriff und Wesen der juristischen Person, 1873 Die juristische Willenserklärung, 1878 Irrtum und Rechtsgeschäft, 1879 Die Möglichkeit des Weltrechts, 1888 Verschulden gegen sich selbst, 1900 (lost) Das Recht des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches, 1900 Internationales Privatrecht, 2 vols., 1897-1912. He was also the author of a book of prose poetry titled Radierungen und Momentaufnahmen (1903).

References and external links

Ebook Das Recht des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches, 1900 (hosted by Max Planck Institute for European History of Law in Frankfurt)

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