Felicia of Sicily

Intro Queen consort of Hungary
Was Queen consort Consort Queen
From Hungary
Type Royals
Gender female
Birth 1078
Death 1102 (aged 24 years)

Felicia of Sicily (c. 1078 – c. 1102) is a name that is used for one Queen consort of Hungary. She was the eldest daughter of Count Roger I of Sicily and his second wife, Eremburga of Mortain. She is also called Busilla, but this name is a misunderstanding of the ancient Italian word "pucelle" meaning "virgin". Coloman, King of Hungary sent his envoys to her father's court to propose marriage to her in 1096, but the Count of Sicily did not qualify the envoys illustrious enough and refused the offer. The second mission of the King of Hungary was led by Bishop Hartvik, but insisted on further negotiations. Finally, the envoys, led by Duke Álmos, the king's younger brother, accompanied Felicia to Hungary, where she was married to King Coloman around 1097. She was followed by some Sicilian courtiers as well, e.g. the ancestors of the future gens Rátót (Olivér and Rátót) who arrived to Hungary in her escort. There is a discussion on why her name is not Felicia, nor Busilla at this link on Gen-Med

Marriage and children

# c. 1097: King Coloman of Hungary (c. 1070 – 3 February 1116) Sophia (before 1101 – ?), wife of a Hungarian noble King Stephen II of Hungary (1101 – 1 March 1131) Ladislaus (?)


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Preceded byAdelaide of Rheinfelden Queen Consort of Hungaryc. 1097–c. 1102 Succeeded byEufemia of Kiev

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