Fritz Hofmann

Intro German chemist
A.K.A. Fritz Hofmann
Was Chemist Engineer Pharmacist Scientist Inventor
From Germany
Type Business Engineering Healthcare Science
Gender male
Birth 2 November 1866, Kölleda, Germany
Death 22 October 1956, Hanover, Germany (aged 90 years)
Star sign Scorpio

Fritz Hofmann Fritz Hofmann (Friedrich Carl Albert) (2 November 1866 in Kölleda – 22 October 1956 in Hanover) was a German organic chemist who first synthesized synthetic rubber. Hofmann studied chemistry in Rostock. On September 12, 1909, he filed a patent for the manufacture of the world's first synthetic rubber.


In 1912, Hofmann received the Emil Fischer Medal from the German Chemical Society for his research on synthetic rubber.

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