Georges Lagrange

Intro French Esperanto writer
A.K.A. Serĝo Elgo
Was Poet Esperantist
From France
Type Literature
Gender male
Birth 31 August 1928
Death 30 April 2004 (aged 75 years)
Star sign Virgo

Georges Lagrange at the conference Georges Lagrange (August 31, 1928 in Gagny, Seine-Saint-Denis – April 30, 2004 in Poitiers) was a French Esperantist writer and member of Academy of Esperanto. He translated several theater pieces from French to Esperanto, acted in some of them, and wrote poems and detective novels under the pseudonym Serĝo Elgo.

Some translations

Andromaka, and Fedra, Jean Racine Hernani, Victor Hugo, Justuloj, Albert Camus Fatomaŝino, Jean Cocteau La kalva Kantistino, Eugène Ionesco

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