Hans Leibelt

Intro German film actor
A.K.A. Leibelt
Was Actor Stage actor Film actor
From Germany
Type Film, Television, Stage and Radio
Gender male
Birth 11 March 1885, Volkmarsdorf, Germany
Death 3 December 1974, Munich, Germany (aged 89 years)
Star sign Pisces

Hans Leibelt (11 March 1885 in Leipzig, German Empire – 3 December 1974 in Munich, West Germany) was a German film actor.

Selected filmography

The False Prince (1927) The Man in Search of His Murderer (1931) as Adamowski The Captain from Köpenick (1931) as Man at the advertising column The Street Song (1931) as the inspector Love at First Sight (1932) as Count Prillwitz You Don't Forget Such a Girl (1932) as Hahnen Sr. The Magic Top Hat (1932) as the stage director Night Convoy (1932) Heinz in the Moon (1934)as Professor Ass The Island (1934) as Bank Director My Heart Calls You (1934) The Girlfriend of a Big Man (1934) as Reider the banker Königswalzer (1935) as Minister Doenniges The Old and the Young King (1935) as Knobelsdorf The Higher Command (1935) as Mayor Stappenbeck The Blonde Carmen (1935) as Max Kruse Savoy Hotel 217 (1936) as the judge Under Blazing Heavens (1936) as Police Inspector The Night With the Emperor (1936) as Eifurt's Burgomaster A Woman of No Importance (1936) as Lord Illingworth Senior Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine (1936) as Jacob Greizinger My Friend Barbara (1937) as Andermann Senior Signal in der Nacht (1937) The Girl of Last Night (1938) as Mr. Barrow The Deruga Case (1938) as Dr. Klemm The Great and the Little Love (1938) Between the Parents (1938) as Dr. Feldern The Secret Lie (1938) as Sam Milbrey The Green Emperor (1939) as Picard Woman Without a Past (1939) as Consul Willmann A Woman Like You (1939) as Watchman The False Step (1939) as Minister Wullesdorf Kora Terry (1940) as Bartos The Girl from Barnhelm (1940) as Count Bruchsall The Girl at the Reception (1940) as Karl Hartmann The Rothschilds (1940) as King Louis XVIII The Gasman (1941) as the famous defense attorney Carl Peters (1941) as Prof. Karl Engel Happiness is the Main Thing (1941) as Director Ardnt The Swedish Nightingale (1941) as Theatre Director Women Are Better Diplomats (1941) as Counsellor Berger The Thing About Styx (1942) as Consul Sander Much Ado About Nixi (1942) as Barkas A Salzburg Comedy (1943) as Mr. Dirksen The Roedern Affair (1944) as the high marshall Die Feuerzangenbowle (1944) as Principal Knauer Peter Voss, Thief of Millions (1946) as Van Gelder Marriage in the Shadows (1947) as Fehrenbach Raid (1947) as Hugo Lembke 1-2-3 Corona (1948) as Circus Manager Barlay An Everyday Story (1948) as Annelieses's father The Court Concert (1948) as Marshall von Arneck Artists' Blood (1949) as Schröder Dangerous Guests (1949) as Director Schleinitz The Lie (1950) as Martin Altenberger The Orplid Mystery (1950) as Kurt Beckmann Beloved Liar (1950) as Director Berger Kissing Is No Sin (1950) The Man in Search of Himself (1950) as Mr. Miller My Niece Susanne (1950) as Gratin Five Suspects (1950) as Dr. Lassens Not Without Gisela (1951) as Werner the banker Miracles Still Happen (1951) as Prof. Nibius A Heidelberg Romance (1951) as William Edwards Fritz and Friederike (1952) as President Meinhard That Can Happen to Anyone (1952) as Buttermann House of Life (1952) as Kögl the portier The Divorcée (1953) as Pastor The Charming Young Lady (1953) as Braun the chocolatier Marriage for One Night (1953) as Hans Hoppe They Call It Love (1953) as Carlos Schmidt Under the Stars of Capri (1953) as Capitain Hagedorn A Girl from Paris (1954) The Spanish Fly (1955) as Breilmann Königswalzer (1955) as Minister Wilhelm von Dönniges San Salvatore (1956) as Professor Weber Charley's Aunt (1956) as Niels Bergström Black Forest Melody (1956) as Mr. Morton Melody of the Heath (1956) as Moralt Little Man on Top (1957) Marriages Forbidden (1957) as Franz Bruckner The Mad Bomberg (1957) as Professor von Wetzelstien Vater sein dagegen sehr (1957) as Minister Miesbach Spring in Berlin (1957) as Barna Wir Wunderkinder (1958) as Mr. Lüttenjense The Crammer (1958) as Headmaster Wiesbacher Peter Voss, Thief of Millions (1958) as Mr. Rottmann The Man Who Sold Himself (1959) as the burgomaster The Domestic Tyrant (1959) as the judge The Buddenbrooks (1959) as Dr. Friedrich Grabow The Man Who Walked Through the Wall (1959) as Holtzheimer The Black Sheep (1960) as Bank Director James Conelly My Schoolfriend (1960) as Professor Strohbach A Glass of Water (1960) as Butler Max the Pickpocket (1962) Once a Greek (1966)

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