Henry, Duke of Brunswick-Dannenberg

Intro Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Prince of Lüneburg
A.K.A. Enrique de Brunswick-Dannenberg, Enrique III de Brunswick-Dannenberg
Was Noble Aristocrat
From Germany
Type Royals
Gender male
Birth 4 June 1533, Lüchow-Dannenberg District, Germany
Death 19 January 1598, Dannenberg (Elbe), Germany (aged 64 years)
Star sign Gemini

Henry III (1533 – 19 January 1598), a member of the House of Welf, was Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and ruling Prince of Lüneburg from 1559 until 1569, jointly with his brother William the Younger. From 1569, he ruled over the Lordship of Dannenberg until his death. He was the second surviving son of Duke Ernest I of Brunswick-Lüneburg and assumed the rule in the Principality of Lüneburg upon the early death of his elder brother Francis Otto in 1559. He and his younger brother William fell out with each other in 1569, when Henry married the Ascanian princess Ursula of Saxe-Lauenburg (1545–1620), daughter of Duke Francis I, and demanded the partition of the Lüneburg lands. He eventually waived his claims to the Lüneburg principality and received Dannenberg as a paréage as well as an annual payment in compensation. He also ensured that his descendants were entitled to inherit the Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel estates upon the extinction of the line; therefore, his youngest son Augustus could assume the rule in Wolfenbüttel in 1635. Henry died in Dannenberg.

Marriage and children who reached adulthood

In 1569 Henry married Ursula of Saxe-Lauenburg (*1545 – 22 October 1620*, Schernebeck), daughter of Francis I of Saxe-Lauenburg. They had the following children: Julius Ernest (1571–1636) Francis (1572–1601) Sybil Elizabeth (1576–1630), married Anthony II, Count of Delmenhorst Sidonia (1577–1645) Augustus (1579–1666)

Henry, Duke of Brunswick-Dannenberg House of WelfBorn: 4 June 1533 Died: 19 January 1598
German nobility
Preceded byFrancis Otto Duke of Brunswick-LüneburgPrince of Lüneburg1559–1569 Succeeded byWilliam the Younger

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