Ilse Steppat

Intro German actress
A.K.A. Ilse Paula Steppat
Was Actor Stage actor Film actor Voice actor
From Germany
Type Film, Television, Stage and Radio
Gender female
Birth 30 November 1917, Barmen, Germany
Death 21 December 1969, Berlin, Margraviate of Brandenburg (aged 52 years)
Star sign Sagittarius

Ilse Paula Steppat (30 November 1917 in Barmen – 21 December 1969 in West Berlin) was a German actress. Her husband was noted actor and director Max Nosseck.


She began her cinematic career at the age of 15 playing Joan of Arc. Steppat appeared regularly on the German stage, and starred in more than forty movies. In the 1960s, she appeared frequently in crime movies based on the work of author Edgar Wallace, such as Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloss, Der unheimliche Mönch and Die blaue Hand, which brought her great fame in Germany. In her only English language role, Steppat played Blofeld's assistant and henchwoman Irma Bunt in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service. In the first English language conversation between Steppat and the movie's producer, Albert R. Broccoli, she confused the word verlobt (engaged) with engagiert (dedicated). Despite this, however, she was awarded the role of Irma Bunt. Steppat was unable to capitalise on her new fame outside Germany, as she died of a heart attack only four days after the movie's international release. She was buried in the Waldfriedhof Dahlem in Berlin. Steppat was supposed to reprise her role as Irma Bunt in Diamonds Are Forever. However her character was withdrawn after the actress's death.

Selected filmography

1947: Marriage in the Shadows – Elisabeth Maurer 1949: Die Brücke – Therese Sander 1949: The Blue Swords – Frau von Tschirnhausen 1950: The Man Who Wanted to Live Twice – Oberschwester Hilde 1950: The Rabanser Case – Baronin Felten 1951: Die Tat des Anderen 1951: Veronika the Maid – Alice 1951: The Guilt of Doctor Homma – Dr. Ilse Kersten 1951: Hanna Amon – Vera Colombani 1952: When the Heath Dreams at Night – Brigitte 1952: Shooting Stars – Karena Rodde 1953: The Chaplain of San Lorenzo – Isabella Catani 1954: Captain Wronski – Leonore Cronberg 1954: The Phantom of the Big Tent – Dolores, Frau mit dem Löwen 1955: Doctor Solm – Claudia Möllenhauer, Tochter 1955: The Dark Star – Frl. Rieger, die Lehrerin 1955: Die Ratten – Frau Knobbe 1955: The Captain and His Hero – Yvonne 1956: Winter in the Woods – Frieda Stengel 1956: Weil du arm bist, muβt du früher sterben – Ada Schenk 1957: Der Adler vom Velsatal [de] – Coletta Nicolini 1957: Confessions of Felix Krull – Maria Pia Kuckuck 1958: Night Nurse Ingeborg – Frau Burger 1958: Madeleine Tel. 13 62 11 [de] – Frau Clavius 1958: Ósmy dzień tygodnia – Walicka 1958: Sehnsucht hat mich verführt – Brandner-Bäuerin 1958: Romarei, das Mädchen mit den grünen Augen – Witwe Prang 1960: Pension Schöller – Amalie Schöller 1960: Im Namen einer Mutter – Frau Barlowsky 1960: You Don't Shoot at Angels – Bellini 1962: The Post Has Gone – Elfriede Stolze 1963: Apartmentzauber – Sittenkommissarian 1963: Der Unsichtbare – Dr. Louise Richards 1964: The Curse of the Hidden Vault – Margaret 1965: Der unheimliche Mönch (The Sinister Monk) – Lady Patricia 1966: Living It Up – Carol Stevens 1967: Creature with the Blue Hand – Lady Emerson 1968: Death in the Red Jaguar – Mrs. Cunnings 1969: On Her Majesty's Secret Service – Irma Bunt (final film role)

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