Janina Ochojska

Intro Polish humanitarian activist and founder of the Polish Humanitarian Organization
A.K.A. Janina Ochojska-Okońska
Is Humanitarian Politician Astronomer
From Poland
Type Philosophy Politics Science
Gender female
Birth 12 March 1955, Gdańsk, Poland
Star sign Pisces
Politics Civic Platform

Janina Maria Ochojska-Okońska (born 12 March 1955 in Gdańsk) is a Polish Member of the European Parliament, an astronomer, humanitarian and social activist, and founder of the Polish Humanitarian Action.


She graduated from High School No. 1 in Zabrze. In 1980, she graduated in astronomy from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, until 1984 she worked at the Astrophysics Laboratory at the Polish Academy of Sciences in the Nicholas Copernicus Astronomical Center in Torun. As a student she was active in the Academic Ministry… From the late 1970s, she was associated with the democratic opposition; she cooperated with the independent Social Library of Antoni Stawikowski. She joined "Solidarity", after the introduction of martial law engaged in the distribution of underground publications, as well as the activities of the local committee dealing with the assistance of victims of repression and their families. She was disabled from early childhood (Polio). As she mentions, she owes acceptance of her disability to a stay at the Treatment and Education Center for the Children of Kalki, led by doctor Lech Wierusz. In 1984, she went to France for surgery. There she came across the idea of humanitarian aid. As a volunteer she was active for the EquiLibre foundation, searching for contacts and coordinating assistance for Poland. In 1989, she was one of the founders of the Polish branch of the EquiLibre Foundation. In 1992 she organized a convoy of Polish aid for the former Yugoslavia. In 1992, she also founded the Polish Humanitarian Action, where she assumed the post of president. In 1996, she married Michał Okoński, a journalist from Tygodnik Powszechny, but the marriage ended in divorce. In 2000, an extended interview with Janina Ochojska was cunducted by Wojciech Bonowicz and published as a book (Heaven is different), and in 2015, another one, conducted by Marzena Zdanowska (The World According to Janka).


Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta awarded for outstanding services in building a civil society for achievements in professional and social work undertaken for the benefit of the country (2011) Bene Merito honorary badge (2009) Legion of Honour (France, 2003) Order Ecce Homo Order of the Smile

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