Johann Paul Uhle

Intro German pathologist
A.K.A. Johann Paul Uhle
Was Physician Pathologist
From Germany
Type Biology Healthcare
Gender male
Birth 17 April 1827, Nossen, Germany
Death 4 November 1861, Jena, Germany (aged 34 years)
Star sign Aries

Johann Paul Uhle (17 April 1827 – 4 November 1861) was a German physician and pathologist born in Nossen, in the Kingdom of Saxony. He died of tuberculosis in Jena at the age of 34. In 1852 he received his medical doctorate at the University of Leipzig. He was an assistant at St. George's Hospital at Leipzig, and in 1859 became a professor at Dorpat. In 1860 he relocated to Jena as a professor of special pathology and director of the medical clinic. With Ernst Leberecht Wagner (1829-1888), Uhle was co-author of an influential textbook of general pathology titled "Handbuch der allgemeinen Pathologie". It was published in seven editions, and was translated into English, French, Polish and Greek. Uhle was also author of "Der Winter in Oberägypten als klimatisches Heilmittel" (On the Winter in Upper Egypt as a Climatic Remedy).

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