Johann Philipp von Walderdorf

Intro Archbishop of Trier
A.K.A. Erzbischof Johann Philipp Trier, Johann Philipp von Walderdorff, Johan…
Was Priest
From Germany
Type Religion
Gender male
Birth 24 May 1701, Montabaur, Germany
Death 12 January 1768, Trier, Germany (aged 66 years)
Star sign Gemini

Johann Philipp von Walderdorff (24 May 1701 – 12 January 1768) was the Archbishop-Elector of Trier from 1756 until 1768, and the Prince-Bishop of Worms from 1763 until 1768.


John Philip was born in Molsberg into the noble Walderdorff family. He became the general vicar of the upper diocese, and in 1742 was made a governor. With French support, in 1754 he was promoted to be the coadjutor and designated successor of Archbishop-Elector Francis George of Schönborn-Buchheim. In 1756 after Francis died John Philip succeeded him, and in 1763 he was also elected the Prince-Bishop of Worms. John Philip (re)constructed (parts of) the Electoral Palace in Trier, Engers in Coblenz, Schloss Philippsfreude in Wittlich and his family's castle of Molsberg in Westerwald. He was Abraham Roentgen's best client, purchasing more than two dozen Roentgen pieces. He died in 1768.

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