Joscha Remus

Intro German writer, journalist and photographer
Is Photographer Journalist Author Writer
From Germany
Type Arts Journalism Literature
Gender male
Birth 1958, Speicher, Germany

Joscha Remus is a German author. Remus comes from a bukovinish-Moselle Franconian family. He studied biology, German and philosophy in Trier and Berlin. After traveling abroad and then working on a medical journal, he trained in Berlin, Rome and London where he worked as a children's physiotherapist developing methods of "motor intelligence". In the nineties Joscha Remus began publishing books, travel guides, and prose. It was during a training program for sound engineering at Thorolf Dormer in Berlin that he decided to create a travel audio book series. Since 2006 he has traveled extensively and written and produced several books in an Audio Travel Feature format for the Headroom publishing company in Cologne. In 2010 his series of travel audio books won the German Book Award. In addition to his work as an author, Joscha Remus works as a science and travel journalist. In 2007 he founded the first knowledge cafe in Germany at the Stuttgart Mediothek (a part of Stuttgart City Library). Joscha Remus lives "on travel" with resting-points in Berlin and Istanbul (European summer)- and Australia and New Zealand (European winter).


Books Der Lichtertanz am Mauerpark.Lesereise Berlin (A travel to Berlin). Vienna: Picus, 2013 Gebrauchsanweisung Neuseeland. (Manual Guide to New Zealand). Munich, Piper 2012 Der Sternenwind am Bosporus. (Starwind on Bosporus). Vienna: Picus, 2010 Der Kuss der langen weissen Wolke. (The kiss of the long white cloud). Vienna: Picus, 2009 Kulturschock Rumänien. (Romania Culture Shock). Bielefeld: Travel Know-how, 2006 Der sanfte Flug der schwarzen Damen. (The Smooth Flight of the Black Ladies). Romanian Rhapsodies. Vienna: Picus, 2008 Infonautik – Wege durch den Wissensdschungel. (Nautical Info – Paths Through the Knowledge Jungle). Offenbach: Gabal, 2005 Rumänien und Republik Moldau. (Romania and Republic of Moldova). Bielefeld: Reise Know-How, 2010, 3rd completely updated edition Lëtzebuergesch. 2005, 3rd completely updated edition City Trip Luxemburg. Bielefeld: Travel Know-how, 2010 City Trip Trier. Bielefeld: Travel Know-how, 2012 Children's books Berlin – Guide for Children. (English Edition) Vienna: Picus, 2009 Audio Books Die Maori. Science Feature, Cologne: Headroom Sound Production, 2012 Morocco. Cologne: Headroom Sound Production, 2008 Shanghai. Cologne: Headroom Sound Production, 2008 Ireland. Cologne: Headroom Sound Production, 2009 San Francisco. Cologne: Headroom Sound Production, 2009 Istanbul. Cologne: Headroom Sound Production, 2010 Short stories The transformation of Sap. In: Iwwer borders, over frontiers Sans Frontières. Luxemburg : Editions Guy Binsfeld, 2007 Newspaper articles In the Junk Shop of the Imagination. ZEIT WISSEN, Nr. 2, 2005 Braces are also Intelligent. ZEIT WISSEN, Nr. 2, 2005 Stanislaw Lem. Visionary without illusions. DIE ZEIT, Nr. 31 2005


2008: Prize of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest 2009: German Audio Book Award (Nomination) 2010: German Audio Book Award


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