Józef Bogusław Słuszka

Intro 17th century Lithuanian soldier and statesman
A.K.A. Юзэф Багуслаў Слушка
Was Soldier
From Lithuania Poland
Type Military
Gender male
Birth 22 October 1652
Death 8 October 1701, Kraków, Poland (aged 48 years)
Star sign Libra

A posthumous portrait of Słuszka from the Tygodnik Ilustrowany, 1861. Józef Bogusław Słuszka (1652 – 8 October 1701) was a nobleman, statesman and commander of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He served as its hetman from 25 April 1685 to 1701 and also became castellan of Vilnius.

Sources (in Polish)

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