King Li of Zhou

Intro Tenth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty
Is Monarch
From China
Type Royals
Gender male
Death 828BC

King Li of Zhou (died in 828 BC) (Chinese: 周厲王; pinyin: Zhōu Lì Wáng) was the tenth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. Estimated dates of his reign are 877–841 BC or 857–842 BC (Cambridge History of Ancient China). King Li was a corrupt and decadent king. To pay for his pleasures and vices, King Li raised taxes and caused misery among his subjects. It is said that he barred the commoners from profiting from the communal forests and lakes. He enstated a new law which allowed him to punish anyone, by death, who dared to speak against him. King Li's bad rule soon forced many peasants and soldiers into revolt, and Li was sent into exile at a place called Zhi near Linfen (842 BC). His son was taken by one of his ministers and hidden. When Li died in exile in 828 BC, power was passed to his son.


Parents: Crown Prince Xie (太子燮; d. 878 BC), ruled as King Yí of Zhou from 885–878 BC Wang Ji, of the Ji clan of E (王姞 姞姓), a princess of E by birth Queens: Shen Jiang, of the Jiang clan of Shen (申姜 姜姓), a sister of the Count of Shen; the mother of Crown Prince Jing and You Sons: Crown Prince Jing (太子靜; d. 782 BC), ruled as King Xuan of Zhou from 827–782 BC Prince You (王子友; d. 771 BC), ruled as Duke Huan of Zheng from 806–771 BC Served as the Minister of Education of Zhou from 773–771 BC


King Li of Zhou Zhou Dynasty Died: 828 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded byKing Yí of Zhou King of China877–841 BC Succeeded byGong He

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