Konstantin Wecker

Intro German singer-songwriter
A.K.A. Konstantin Alexander Wecker
Is Actor Musician Composer Singer Songwriter Pianist Film score composer
From Germany
Type Film, Television, Stage and Radio Music
Gender male
Birth 1 June 1947, Munich, Germany
Star sign Gemini

Konstantin Wecker Zelt-Musik-Festival 2017 in Freiburg, Germany Konstantin Wecker (Concert, 1986) Konstantin Alexander Wecker (born June 1, 1947, Munich) is one of the best-known German singer-songwriters ("Liedermacher"); he also works as a composer, author, and actor.

Life and work

Classically educated at the Wilhelmsgymnasium, Wecker got one of his first jobs as a songwriter at Munich's cabaret "Münchner Lach- und Schießgesellschaft" in 1973. His breakthrough as a singer came in 1977 with the record Genug ist nicht genug ("Enough Is Not Enough"), which includes the popular talking blues "Willy," about a presumably close friend of Wecker's who was slain by drunken Nazis. Wecker has released more than forty albums, and has also composed music for film, theater, and children's musicals. In 2003, Wecker became a public opponent of the Iraq War, joining his leftist Liedermacher colleagues Hannes Wader and Reinhard Mey. He is connected to the left-wing party Die Linke (The Left). In March 2006, Wecker was forced to cancel a scheduled performance in the small town of Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt. This came after the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) pressured local authorities and threatened to forcibly disrupt the concert. Wecker pledged to return to Halberstadt in the summer of 2006, and eventually performed in Halberstadt on 17 June 2006, accompanied by fellow singer-songwriter Hannes Wader and Afghan percussionist Hakim Ludin.

Selected works


1972: Die sadopoetischen Gesänge des Konstantin Amadeus Wecker (later renamed as: Konstantin's Erste) 1974: Ich lebe immer am Strand 1977: Genug ist nicht genug 1978: Eine ganze Menge Leben 1979: Live 1980: Liederbuch 1981: Live in München 1982: Das macht mir Mut 1984: Inwendig warm 1987: Wieder dahoam – Live in Austria 1989: Stilles Glück, trautes Heim 1993: Uferlos 1996: Gamsig 1998: Brecht 2001: Vaterland 2005: Am Flußufer 2006: Politische Lieder 2007: Alles das und mehr (DVD music video) 2011: Wut und Zärtlichkeit 2012: Wut und Zärtlichkeit (live) 2015: Ohne Warum 2017: Poesie und Widerstand 2018: Sage Nein! Antifaschistische Lieder 1978 bis heute


1988: Joan Baez / Konstantin Wecker / Mercedes Sosa: Three worlds, three voices, one vision 1999: Jutta Richter / Konstantin Wecker: Es lebte ein Kind auf den Bäumen // book and CD 2001: Konstantin Wecker / Hannes Wader: Was für eine Nacht 2003: Reinhard Mey / Hannes Wader / Konstantin Wecker: Das Konzert 2010: Konstantin Wecker / Hannes Wader: Kein Ende in Sicht

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