Lazarus Bendavid

Intro German mathematician and philosopher
A.K.A. Bendavid
Was Mathematician Philosopher Professor Educator
From Germany
Type Academia Mathematics Philosophy
Gender male
Birth 18 October 1762, Berlin, Margraviate of Brandenburg
Death 28 March 1832, Berlin, Margraviate of Brandenburg (aged 69 years)
Star sign Libra

Lazarus Bendavid Lazarus Bendavid (18 October 1762 in Berlin – 28 March 1832 in Berlin) was a German mathematician and philosopher known for his exposition of Kantian philosophy.


He was Jewish Kantian philosopher. After his graduation from the University of Berlin he lectured for some years on the philosophy of Kant in Vienna. His lectures being discouraged by the Austrian government during a general purge of foreigners, Bendavid returned to Berlin, where he found government employment and continued to lecture and write.


Uber die Parallellinien (On parallel lines; Berlin, 1786) Versuch einer logischen Auseinandersetzung des mathematisch-unendlichen (Treatise on the logical explanation of the mathematical concept of infinity; Berlin 1796) Versuch über das Vergnügen (Treatise on pleasure; 2 vols., Vienna 1794) Vorlesungen über die Kritik der reinen Vernunft (Lectures on the criticism of pure reason; Vienna, 1795) Vorlesungen über die Kritik der praktischen Vernunft (Lectures on the criticism of practical reason; Vienna, 1796) Vorlesungen über die Kritik der Urteilskraft (Lectures on the criticism of the power of judgment; Vienna, 1796) Rede über den Zweck der Kritischen Philosophie (Talk on the goal of critical philosophy; Vienna, 1796) Selbstbiographie (Autobiography; Berlin, 1804)

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