Leif Lampater

Intro German racing cyclist
A.K.A. Lampater
Is Athlete Sport cyclist
From Germany
Type Sports
Gender male
Birth 22 December 1982, Waiblingen, Germany
Star sign Capricorn

Leif Lampater (born December 22, 1982 in Waiblingen) is a German racing cyclist riding for Rad-Net Rose Team. He mainly focuses on track cycling and excels in the madison, individual pursuit, team pursuit and six-day racing. In his career so far he has become German national team pursuit and madison champion once each, he has won Track cycling World Cups in team pursuit twice and twice in madison. On top of that he has won a total of six six-day cycling events.

Major results

Olympic Games 2004 – Athens, 4th, Team pursuit (with Fulst, Bartko and Lademann) UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics 2001 – Ipoh, 1st, Team pursuit 2003 – Sydney, 2nd, Team pursuit (with Fulst, Müller and Altmann) 2004 – Sydney, 3rd, Team pursuit (with Fulst, Bengsch and Lademann) 2005 – Los Angeles, 1st, Team pursuit (with Bartko, Bengsch and Bommel) 2005 – Los Angeles, 1st, Madison (with Robert Bartko) 2005 – Manchester (January), 3rd, Team pursuit (with Bach, Bengsch and Bommel) 2005 – Manchester (January), 3rd, Madison (with Andreas Müller) 2005 – Moscow, 2nd, Madison (with Guido Fulst) 2005 – Manchester (December), 1st, Madison (with Guido Fulst) 2006 – Moscow, 3rd, Team pursuit (with Fulst, Bengsch and Bartko) European Championships 2002 – Buttgen, 3rd, Team pursuit (with Altmann, Müller and Schlegel) German National Championships 2001 – Chemnitz, 2nd, Team pursuit (with Walzer, Schlegel and Palicki) 2003 – Stuttgart, 2nd, Team pursuit (with Löffler, Meschenmoser and Krauss) 2005 – Stuttgart, 1st, Team pursuit (with Bartko, Fulst and König) 2005 – Stuttgart, 3rd, Madison (with Christian Grasmann) 2006 – Stuttgart, 2nd, Individual pursuit 2006 – Stuttgart, 2nd, Team pursuit (with Grasmann, Lägeler and Hofbauer) 2010 – Cottbus, 1st, Madison (with Christian Grasmann) Six-day cycling events 2005 – Stuttgart, 3rd (with Alexander Äschbach) 2006 – Stuttgart, 1st (with Robert Bartko and Guido Fulst) 2006 – Dortmund, 2nd (with Guido Fulst) 2007 – Zürich, 3rd (with Guido Fulst) 2007 – Bremen, 2nd (with Guido Fulst) 2007 – Berlin, 1st (with Guido Fulst) 2007 – Dortmund, 2nd (with Erik Zabel) 2007 – Munich, 2nd (with Erik Zabel) 2008 – Rotterdam, 1st (with Danny Stam) 2008 – Stuttgart, 1st (with Robert Bartko and Iljo Keisse) 2008 – Dortmund, 1st (with Erik Zabel) 2009 – Bremen, 1st (with Erik Zabel) 2014 – Zürich, 2nd (with Silvan Dillier) 2014 – Ghent, 3rd (with Silvan Dillier) Under-23 UIV Cup 2003 – Amsterdam, 3rd (with Sebastian Frey) 2003 – Munich, 3rd (with Sven Krauss) 2004 – Stuttgart, 2nd (with Andreas Welsch) Road achievements 2002 – Backnang-Waldrems, 3rd, Local criterium 2004 – Zusmarshausen, 3rd, Local criterium 2005 – Stuttgart, 1st, Local criterium 2005 – Bad Harzburg, 3rd, Local criterium 2007 – Kirchheim-Teck, 2nd, Local criterium 2009 – Port of Spain, 1st, West Indies vs. the World 2010 – New York City, 2nd, Harlem Skyscraper Criterium

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