Leon Szeptycki

Intro Polnischer Priester, katholischer Priester, Priester und katholischer Priester
A.K.A. Lew Szeptycki
Was Priest
From Poland
Type Religion
Gender male
Birth 23 August 1717, Przemyśl, Poland
Death 25 May 1779, Radomyshl, Ukraine (aged 61 years)
Star sign Virgo

Leo Sheptycki (born as Leon Ludwik Szeptycki; Polish: Leon Ludwik Szeptycki; 23 August 1717 – 13 May 1779) was a bishop of the Ruthenian Uniate Church, Metropolitan bishop of Kiev, Galicia and all Ruthenia. On 14 May 1749 Sheptycki was ordained by bishop of Luck Theodosius Rudnicki-Lubieniecki with help of Theodosius Godebski and Adam Oranski as a bishop of Lwow. On 20 December 1762 he was confirmed as the Coadjutor Metropolitan bishop of Kiev, Galicia, and all Ruthenia and on 1 February 1778 succeeded Metropolitan Philip. He consecrated following bishops Gedeon Horbacki, and Athanasius Szeptycki. Hrebnicki died in 1762 at a residence of the Polotsk Archbishops that he built in village of Strunie (today in Polotsk District).

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