Matthäus Prätorius

Intro German historian
A.K.A. Matthaus Pratorius
Was Historian Parson Priest
From Germany Poland
Type Religion Social science
Gender male
Birth 1635, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Death 1704, Wejherowo, Poland (aged 69 years)

Matthäus Prätorius (c.1635–c.1704) was a Protestant pastor, later a Roman Catholic priest, a historian and ethnographer. Prätorius is thought to have been born in Memel (Klaipėda). He probably grew up speaking both German and Lithuanian, which helped him when preaching to the ethnic Lithuanians in Ducal Prussia. His work about Prussia and its culture, Deliciae Prussicae, oder Preussische Schaubühne, resembles the work of Christoph Hartknoch, with whom he collaborated. Prätorius' work provides much more ethnographic information regarding local Lithuanians and Old Prussians. It was only published partially, in 1725 (in Erleutertes Preußen), 1731 (in Acta Borussica) and 1871. A complete edition, in seven volumes, with original German text and Lithuanian translation, is under preparation in Lithuania. In 1701, having converted from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism, he appealed against an ongoing case of witch-hunt. He died in Wejherowo (Weyherststadt). In Orbis Gothicus and Mars Gothicus sustained that Prussia was the original land of Goths and that Goths can be identified as being "prussians, lithuanians, samogitians and curonians [latvians]".


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