Max Leichtlin

Intro German botanist
A.K.A. Leichtlin
Was Scientist Botanist
From Germany
Type Science
Gender male
Birth 17 February 1831, Karlsruhe, Germany
Death 19 January 1910 (aged 78 years)
Star sign Aquarius

Maximilian Leichtlin (20 October 1831, Karlsruhe – 3 September 1910, Baden-Baden) was a German horticulturalist. From 1846 he worked as a gardener at several sites in Europe, then spent several years engaged in travels. After returning from South America in 1856, he worked for two years at the Van Houtte nursery in Ghent. He then spent the next sixteen years working with his brothers in a paper manufacturing business. Afterwards, he relocated to Baden-Baden, where he founded a botanical garden. He specialized in the cultivation and propagation of bulbous plants (lilies, tulips, irises and alliums). Botanical taxa with the specific epithet of leichtlinii commemorate his name, two examples being, Camassia leichtlinii (great camas) and Calochortus leichtlinii (Leichtlin's mariposa).

Associated writings

Pflanzen-Sammlung des Leichtlin'schen Gartens in Baden-Baden (1873 –). "The plantsman of Baden : Maximilian Leichtlin 1831-1910", by Audrey Le Lievre. The standard author abbreviation Leichtlin is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.

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