Mohamed Sheikh

Intro Chairman of Macmillan Sheikh plc
A.K.A. Mohammed Iltaf Sheikh, Lord Sheikh, Baron Sheikh, Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh…
Is Businessperson Entrepreneur Politician
From United Kingdom
Type Business Politics
Gender male
Birth 13 June 1941
Star sign Gemini
Politics Conservative Party

Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh, Baron Sheikh (born 13 June 1941) is a British politician. He was formerly an insurance broker and underwriter.

Early life and professional career

Sheikh was born in Kenya and raised in Uganda. He was previously a company director of Camberford Law until 2008.


Sheikh was appointed a life peer in 2006 after he was nominated by Michael Howard MP, then Leader of the Conservative Party. The life barony conferred upon Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh was gazetted on 6 June 2006 by the name, style and title of Baron Sheikh, of Cornhill in the City of London.

Conservative Party

Sheikh first joined the Conservative Party in 2004. Sheikh is the former chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum and also the chairman of the Conservative Ethnic Diversity Council. He is actively involved in promoting the Conservative Party to ethnic minorities and also the building of harmonious relationships between various racial and religious groups. Sheikh sits on the Conservative (currently government) benches in the House of Lords. In 2018, as a member of the Conservative Muslim Forum, he joined calls from the Muslim Council of Britain and senior members of his party for an independent inquiry into alleged Tory Islamophobia and called for former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to be removed from the Conservative Party over perceived Islamophobic comments Johnson made regarding the burqa and niqab. Consequently, Sheikh was reported to have received several offensive emails over the controversy including "horrible things, obscene things about the Prophet Muhammad."


Baron Sheikh founded and funds a registered personal and family charity, the Sheikh Abdullah Foundation, in his father's memory. The charity amongst other things recognises and rewards the attainment of young people who are the rising stars and hopefully will be the future leaders. The charity also supports a number of deserving causes in the United Kingdom and overseas.


Coat of arms of Mohamed Sheikh, Baron Sheikh

Adopted 2007 Coronet Coronet of a Baron Crest A Peacock in its pride Azure beaked legged and crested Gules the tail eyed Or the wings displayed and each supporting a Quill Argent spined Or Escutcheon Argent four rows of Pallets couped the first and third alternately Gules and Azure the second and fourth Azure and Gules over all on a Pale Vert a Pale Or charged with three Crescents Vert Supporters On either side statant upon an Egg Or a Dove wings inverted and addorsed Argent beaked and legged Gules Motto IQRA Symbolism The rows of couped pallets represent rows of books; and writing is further reflected in the quills in both Crest and Badge. The peacock is a clear allusion to the origin of the grantee's family and the crescents to the Muslim faith. The dove Supporters with their eggs represent the two doves who nested in front of a cave where the prophet Mohammed was hiding from his enemies. The latter seeing the nesting doves assumed that the cave must be empty and so passed by allowing the prophet to remain undiscovered.

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