Patrick Beckert

Intro German speed skater
A.K.A. Патрик Бекерт
Is Athlete Speed skater
From Germany
Type Sports
Gender male
Birth 17 April 1990, Erfurt, Germany
Star sign Aries

Patrick Beckert (born 17 April 1990) is a German Olympic speed skater. Becket finished in 22nd place in the 5000 m at the 2010 Winter Olympics. He missed one race because his mobile phone was turned off. He was the fourth reserve for that race and neither he nor the German team manager thought he would be selected. The Olympic Games officials attempted to call all four reserves after a skater withdrew just one hour before the race, but none four skaters were reachable. He has set eleven German records in the senior division, seven German records in the junior division and eight championship records. He was the first German speed skater to skate the 10000 meter under 13 minutes and the 3000 meter event under 3:40 minutes. At the end of the 2018–2019 season, Beckert was the highest placed German skater (27th) on the Adelskalender samalog table with 147.980 points. His mother and five brothers and sisters all did speed skating. One of his sisters, Stephanie, won three medals at the 2010 Games.

Speed skating

Personal records

Personal records
Speed skating
Event Result Date Location Notes
500 m 37.59 2 March 2019 Olympic Oval, Calgary, Canada
1000 m 1:11.91 26 October 2018 Max Aicher Arena, Inzell, Germany
1500 m 1:45.15 13 December 2017 Olympic Oval, Calgary, Canada
3000 m 3:37.31 7 November 2015 Olympic Oval, Calgary, Canada German National Record
5000 m 6:07.02 10 December 2017 Olympic Oval, Calgary, Canada German National Record
10000 m 12:52.76 11 February 2017 Gangneung Oval, Gangneung, South Korea German National Record

Tournament overview

2006–2007 INNSBRUCK 33rd 500m 19th 3000m 39th 1500m DNQ 5000m 28th overall Team pursuit
2007–2008 5th 5000m CHANGCHUN 31st 500m 15th 3000m 18th 1500m 16th 5000m 20th overall Team pursuit
2008–2009 6th 1500m 4th 5000m ZAKAPANE 5th 5000m 4th Team pursuit 50th 5000m overall
2009–2010 5000m HAMAR 22nd 500m 19th 5000m 25th 1500m DNQ 10000m 19th overall THIALF 21st 500m 14th 5000m 19th 1500m DNQ 10000m 18th overall VANCOUVER 22nd 5000m 23rd 5000 overall 10th Team pursuit overall
2010–2011 4th 1500m 5000m INZELL 12th 5000m 9th 5000/10000m overall
2011–2012 1500m 5000m DQ 10000m MINSK 24th 500m 11th 5000m 16th 1500m DNQ 10000m 14th overall MOSCOW 20th 500m 10th 5000m 13th 1500m 10th 10000m 10th overall THIALF 21st 1500m 8th 5000m 6th Team pursuit 39th 1500m overall 11th 5000m overall Team pursuit overall
2012–2013 1500m SOCHI 9th 5000m 8th 10000m 6th Team pursuit 47th 1500m overall 11th 5000/10000m overall 7th Team pursuit overall
2013–2014 1500m 5000m SOCHI 23rd 1500m 8th 5000m 6th 10000m 35th 1500m overall 5000/10000m overall 7th Team pursuit overall
2014–2015 1500m 5000m 10000m CALGARY 23rd 500m 6th 5000m 15th 1500m DNQ 10000m 17th overall THIALF 7th 5000m 10000m 16th Mass start 4th 5000/10000m overall
2015–2016 1500m 5000m BERLIN 23rd 500m 5th 5000m 19th 1500m 6th 10000m 7th overall KOLOMNA 4th 5000m 4th 10000m 47th 1500m overall 5th 5000/10000m overall 8th Team pursuit overall
2016–2017 1500m 5000m 10000m HAMAR 20th 500m 4th 5000m 14th 1500m 4th 10000m 7th overall GANGNEUNG 7th 5000m 10000m 40th 1500m overall 5th 5000/10000m overall 11th Team pursuit overall
2017–2018 1500m 5000m 10000m GANGNEUNG 10th 5000m 7th 10000m 35th 1500m overall 6th 5000/10000m overall
2018–2019 1500m 5000m 10000m CALGARY 22nd 500m 7th 5000m 13th 1500m DNQ 10000m 15th overall INZELL 6th 5000m 4th 10000m 43rd 1500m overall 5th 5000/10000m overall
2019–2020 5000m 10000m SALT LAKE CITY 6th 5000m 10000m

Source German data: DNQ = Did not qualify for the final distance DQ = Disqualified

World Cup overview

Season 1500 meter
2011–2012 5th(b)
2012–2013 16th(b) 17th(b 11th(b) 7th(b)
2013–2014 5th(b) 5th(b)
2015–2016 8th(b) 19th(b)
2016–2017 5th(b)
2017–2018 13th(b) 4th(b)
2018–2019 9th(b) 10th(b)
Season 5000/10000 meter
2008–2009 8th(b)
2009–2010 15th(b) 18th DQ 4th(b) 14th 16th
2010–2011 14th 14th 5th 12th 4th 9th
2011–2012 12th 12th 4th 10th 8th 11th
2012–2013 13th 5th(b) 4th(b) 10th 6th 11th
2013–2014 9th 11th 9th 4th
2014–2015 5th 5th 9th 8th 4th
2015–2016 4th 4th 7th 8th 5th 10th
2016–2017 9th 11th 4th 5th 6th
2017–2018 10th 7th 5th DQ
2018–2019 4th 8th 4th 8th 5th 6th
Season Team Pursuit
2010–2011 8th 10th
2011–2012 4th
2012–2013 5th 6th
2013–2014 10th 6th 5th
2015–2016 7th 6th
2016–2017 9th 9th

– = did not participate (b) = Division B DQ = disqualified

Medals won

Championship Gold Silver Bromze
German Championships 20 3 0
World Championships Junior 0 2 0
World Championships Single Distances 0 0 3
World Cup 0 3 8


Thuringian achiever of the year 2011 Erfurt athlete of the year 2016 Erfurt athlete of the year 2017

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