Paul Iby

Intro Austrian bishop
Is Priest
From Austria
Type Religion
Gender male
Birth 23 January 1935, Raiding, Austria
Star sign Aquarius

Paul Iby, Hungarian: Iby Pál (January 23, 1935, Doborján (German: Raiding)) is Bishop Emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eisenstadt, Austria.


Clerical celibacy

Bishop Iby is convinced the Catholic church should drop its celibacy requirement for priests. It should be up to priests to decide whether they want to live a celibate life. "It should be at the discretion of every priest whether to live in voluntary celibacy or in a family," Die Presse quoted Iby as saying. He would also welcome it if married men could be ordained.

Ordination of women

Bishop Iby also said that eventually the ordination of women should be considered.

Homosexuality, divorce

Iby indicated that a “more welcoming church,” one that “is more free and open,” would relax its attitude toward homosexuality and give approval to divorced couples who have entered another relationship while their spouses are still living. “It means to cease the discrimination of homosexuals and finding a solution for divorcees,” said Iby. “What we suggest is looking at the Orthodox church: after a time of penance, the blessing of a second relationship should be possible. Only nothing is moving in Rome!”

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