Peter Lund

Intro German theatre director and author
Is Professor Educator Writer
From Germany
Type Academia Literature
Gender male
Birth 30 December 1965, Flensburg, Germany
Star sign Capricorn

Peter Lund (born 30 December 1965 in Flensburg) is a German theatre director and author.


Lund was educated in Flensburg and in Berlin, where he studied architecture. Since 1985 he works as theatre director and author, e.g., in Braunschweig, Hannover, Darmstadt, Bremen, Hamburg, Basel, Innsbruck and Vienna. 1985 he founded the Gruppe Comp&Co. From 1996 to 2004 he was principal of Neuköllner Oper in Berlin. Since 2002 Lund is Professor for Musical/Show at the University of Fine Arts, Berlin.

Selected list of works

Hexen (1991), Music: Danny Ashkenasi Zarah 47 (1992) Music: diverse No Sex (1993), Music: Niclas Ramdohr Hexe Hillary geht in die Oper (1997) Das Wunder von Neukölln ("The miracle of Neukölln", 1998), Music: Wolfgang Böhmer SommerNachtTraum (2000), Music: Wolfgang Böhmer Baby Talk (2000), Music: Thomas Zaufke Cinderella passt was nicht (2000), Music: Thomas Zaufke Love Bite (2001), Music: Wolfgang Böhmer Elternabend (Lund)|Elternabend (2003), Music: Thomas Zaufke Letterland aka „Erwin Kannes – Trost der Frauen“ (2005), Music: Thomas Zaufke Held Müller (2006), Music: Thomas Zaufke Maja & Co (2006) Ugly Ducklings (2007), Music: Thomas Zaufke Kauf Dir ein Kind (2007), Music: Thomas Zaufke Leben ohne Chris ("Life without Chris", 2009), Music: Wolfgang Böhmer Mein Avatar und ich ("My avatar and I", 2010), Music: Thomas Zaufke Big Money (2011), Music: Thomas Zaufke Frau Zucker will die Weltherrschaft (2011), Music: Wolfgang Böhmer Stimmen im Kopf (2013), Music: Wolfgang Böhmer Die letzte Kommune ("The Last Commune", 2013), Music: Thomas Zaufke Schwestern im Geiste ("Sisters in Mind", 2014), Music: Thomas Zaufke Grimm! – Die wirklich wahre Geschichte von Rotkäppchen und ihrem Wolf ("Grimm! – The really true story of Little Red Riding Hood and her wolf", 2014), Music: Thomas Zaufke


In August 2015 Peter Lund was nominated for the German Musical Theatre Award by the German Musical Academy and was honored in the category Best Book for Grimm! on 26 October 2015.

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