Pierre Kolp

Intro Belgian composer
Is Musician Composer Musicologist
From Belgium
Type Academia Music
Gender male
Birth 23 March 1969, Cologne, Germany
Star sign Aries
Pipe organ

Pierre Kolp is a Belgian composer and music pedagogue, born in Cologne (Germany), 23 March 1969. With the composers Juan Carlos Tolosa, Francis Ubertelli and David Nuñezañez, he founded in 1995 Black Jackets Company, International Society of Contemporary Arts benched in Brussels, inside which he is very active with Black Jackets Composers and Black Jackets Editions.

Pedagogy researches

Always involving in music education researches, Pierre Kolp has taught for years music theory, organology, aesthetics, history and composition. In 1997, he becomes Director of Institut de Rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze de Belgique. In 2004, elected by his pars, he becomes President of the National association of and delegate to European Music schools Union (EMU). Due to his passion for pedagogy, he wrote several articles, mainly based on creativity, or linked expression, time and musical spaces. Combining art and pedagogy activities, Pierre Kolp gave composition master classes at University of Córdoba (1999) and at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2002). He also works with conductor Juan Carlos Tolosa, composer André Ristic and virtuoso pianist Stephane Ginsburgh.

Catalogue of Works[4]


Cosmose (2006–2008), 40 minutes Ho, mia kor' (2007), 8 minutes Los cometas colorados opera (2002) with electronics, 10 minutes Manimatrix (2002–2004) with electronics, 25 minutes Stop Exchange (2008), 20 minutes


Désirs chorégraphiques Music for dance (1994), 14 minutes Los cometas colorados opera (2002) with electronics, 10 minutes The Eyes of Ambush Stage music (2003) with electronics, 8 minutes Perdre corps Music for danse (2005) only electronics, 13 minutes

Chamber ensemble

Chant contre champs for 7 players (1994), 6 minutes Antipasti for 7 players (1995), 12 minutes Mat for 6 players (1996), 14 minutes Have a Break for 6 players (1997), 18 minutes Passerelle for 4 players and electronics, (1999), 8 minutes Mani for various combinaisons of players (2001–2002) Wet Wet Wet Wedding for 3 players and tape (2004), 3 to 15 minutes

Chamber music

Sept Blasons for wind quintet (1994), 14 minutes Interchamps for 2 Flutes and Guitar (1994), 14 minutes Speaker for Flutes quartet (1995), 6 minutes I ching for Flute and Guitar (1996), 10 minutes Incipit vita nova First Piano Trio (2001), 7 minutes So-mani dreams are explored Second Piano Trio (2005), 15 minutes The Bowling' Stones for 2 pianos (2006), 9 minutes Plug-in for 2 pianos (2007), 6 minutes

Solo instrument (or solo instrument and live electronics)

P as T for alto (2005) Sub-Negation for any solo instrument, 2 versions (2007–2008), 12 minutes Portiques génitifs for cello (1994), 6 minutes Beaver Tuned for piano (1998), 10 minutes Due scherzi for piano (2007), 12 minutes So Slow the Snow for piano (2006), 10 minutes

Vocal music

Eggs for choir (1994), 8 minutes Hors d'un coffret de Santal Seven Melodies for one singer and piano (1997), 12 minutes

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