Régine Pernoud

Intro French archivist and historian
A.K.A. Pernoud
Was Historian Archivist Medievalist
From France
Type Social science
Gender female
Birth 17 June 1909, Château-Chinon (Ville), France
Death 22 April 1998, Paris, France (aged 88 years)
Star sign Gemini

Régine Pernoud (17 June 1909, Château-Chinon, Nièvre – 22 April 1998, Paris) was a French historian and archivist.


In 1929 she obtained an undergraduate degree in literature at the University of Aix-en-Provence. She then achieved a Doctorate in Literature from the École Nationale des Chartes and the École du Louvre. Having grown up in an impoverished family, she worked in various professions (teacher, coach, archiver) while completing her university studies and while waiting for a post in a museum. She later became curator at the Museum of Reims in 1947, at the Museum of the History of France in 1949, at the National Archives, and at the Centre of Joan of Arc (which she had founded in 1974 at the request of André Malraux). She is known for writing extensively about Joan of Arc and the social standing of women in the Middle Ages (500 – 1500), e.g., on Robert of Arbrissel who in 1099 founded the double monastery – one with nuns, and one with monks – of Fontevraud, where he put a nun, Petronilla Chemillé, who was 22 years of age, in charge of leading it. She primarily did the work of a medieval historian, however she also published several popular works. She was a founding member of the Academy of the Morvan in 1967. She received the Grand Prize of the City of Paris in 1978 and in 1997 the French Academy awarded her for her lifetime's work. She is the aunt of George Pernoud, presenter of Thalassa.

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