Reinhard Haupenthal

Intro German Esperantist, Volapükist (or Volapükologist), translator and linguist
Was Linguist Esperantist Volapükologist
From Germany
Type Literature Social science
Gender male
Birth 17 February 1945, Kronach, Germany
Death 29 September 2016 (aged 71 years)
Star sign Aquarius

Reinhard Haupenthal (born February 17, 1945; died September 29, 2016) was a German Esperantist, Volapükist (or Volapükologist), translator, and linguist. Donald J. Harlow described Haupenthal's personal style in a warning to potential readers of Haupenthal's translation of Goethe's Young Werther: "the vocabulary used by Haupenthal is far from standard, and at times the Esperanto verges on the incomprehensible."

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