Rudolf Havenstein

Intro German central bank President
A.K.A. Rudolf E. A. Havenstein
Was Financial professional Banker Jurist Judge
From Germany
Type Finance Law
Gender male
Birth 10 March 1857, Międzyrzecz, Poland
Death 20 November 1923, Berlin, Margraviate of Brandenburg (aged 66 years)
Star sign Pisces

Rudolf E. A. Havenstein (10 March 1857 – 20 November 1923) was a German lawyer and president of the Reichsbank (German central bank) during the hyperinflation of 1921–1923. Havenstein was born in Meseritz (Międzyrzecz), Province of Posen. He came from a family of government officials and studied law in Heidelberg and Berlin. After graduation in 1876, Havenstein worked in the Prussian Justice service until 1887 when he began his career as a judge. In 1890 he moved to the Prussian Ministry of Finance. From 1900 to 1908, Havenstein was President of the Prussian State Bank. From 1908 to 1923, he was president of the Reichsbank and his signature appears on German Reichsbank notes from 1908 to 1923. Havenstein was involved in the introduction of war bonds at the beginning of the First World War. He died in Berlin and is buried in St. Anne's Cemetery in Berlin-Dahlem.

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