Shripad Narayan Pendse

Intro Marathi-language writer
A.K.A. S. N. pendse
Was Writer Poet
From India
Type Literature
Gender male
Birth 5 January 1913
Death 24 March 2007 (aged 94 years)
Star sign Capricorn

Shripad Narayan Pendse (5 January 1913 – 24 March 2007) was a writer of several Marathi novels.


He hailed from Maharashtra, India. He was born at village Murdi Taluka Dapoli Dist. Ratnagiri. His novel Rathachakra (The Chariot-Wheel) received a Sahitya Akademi Award in 1963. His novel Garambicha Bapu was translated in 1969 into English with the title Wild Bapu of Garambi as a part of the UNESCO Collection of Representative Works, which had been organized with Sahitya Akademi collaboration. Haddapar (The Outcast) and Tumbadche Khot (The Khots of Tumbad) are Pendse's other two popular novels. He was offered a Rockfeller Foundation Scholarship under which he travelled Europe and United States in order to study and exchange his views with other novelists and learned people. He travelled for more than one year with his wife with the help of this scholarship. In his tour to England, France and the US, he met many well known writers, including E. M. Forster.


Novels Elgar in 1949 Haddapar in 1950 Garambicha Bapu in 1952 Hatya in 1954 Yashoda (small novel) in 1957 Kalandar in 1959 Rathachakra in 1962 Lavhali in 1966 Octopus in 1972. Akant in 1978 Tumbadache Khot Part 1 and Part 2 in 1987 Garambichi Radha in 1993 Ek Hoti Aji in 1995 Kameru in 1997 Ghagar Rikami Re Rangamali in 2002 Haak Abhalachi in 2007 Dramas Mahapur −1961 Rajemastar −1964 Yashoda-drama −1965 Garambicha Bapu −1965 Sambhusanchya Chalit −1967 Asa zala aani ujadala −1969 Chakravyuha −1970 Rathachakra −1975 Pandit ! Ata Tari Shahane Vha ! -1978 Dr. Huddar −1990 Short stories Jumman −1956 Other Prayaschitta -translation of The Scarlet Letter in 1969 Best upakramachi katha −1972 (he was Deputy Public Relations Officer in BEST undertaking and retired in 1972) Articles Ek Muktasanvad- Udyachya Kadambarikarashi in 1995 Adhyatacha Shodh in 1996 Ek Durlabh Sneh in 1996 Characterisation Khadakavaril Hiraval in 1941 Autobiography Shri Na Pendse-Manus Ani Lekhak in 1974 Translation into other languages Garambicha Bapu- In Hindi (1959) and English (1969) Kalandar- In Gujarati (1970) Rathachakra- In Gujarati (1971) Octopus- In Hindi (1976) Hatya- In Hindi (1976)


This article is based on his autobiography, written in 1974, and published by Mauj Prakashan.

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