Siegmund Günther

Intro German mathematician, historian of mathematics and meteorologist
A.K.A. Adam Wilhelm Siegmund Günther
Was Mathematician Historian Historian of mathematics Meteorologist Professor Educator Politician
From Germany
Type Academia Mathematics Politics Science Social science
Gender male
Birth 6 February 1848, Nuremberg, Germany
Death 4 February 1923, Munich, Germany (aged 75 years)
Star sign Aquarius
Politics German Progress Party

Adam Wilhelm Siegmund Günther (6 February 1848 – 3 February 1923) was a German geographer, mathematician, historian of mathematics and natural scientist.

Early life

Born in 1848 to a German businessman, Günther would go on to attend several German universities including Erlangen, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Berlin, and Göttingen.


In 1872 he began teaching at a school in Weissenburg, Bavaria. He completed his habilitation thesis on continued fractions entitled Darstellung der Näherungswerte der Kettenbrüche in independenter Form in 1873. The next year he began teaching at Munich Polytechnicum. In 1876, he began teaching at a university in Ansbach where he stayed for several years before moving to Munich and becoming a professor of geography until he retired. His mathematical work included works on the determinant, hyperbolic functions, and parabolic logarithms and trigonometry.

Publications (selection)

Darstellung der Näherungswerthe der Kettenbrüche in independenter Form. Eduard Besold, Erlangen, 1873 Vermischte Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der mathematischen Wissenschaften. Teubner, Leipzig, 1876 Lehrbuch der Determinanten-Theorie für Studirende. Eduard Besold, Erlangen, 1877 Die Lehre von den gewöhnlichen und verallgemeinerten Hyperbelfunktionen. Louis Nebert, Halle, 1881 Parabolische Logarithmen und parabolische Trigonometrie. Teubner, Leipzig, 1882

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