Sven Hüber

Intro German police officer
A.K.A. Sven Huber
Is Police officer Military personnel
From Germany
Type Law Military
Gender male
Birth 1964, Görlitz, Germany

Sven Hüber (born 1964) is a former political officer of the border troops of the German Democratic Republic. As such his duties consisted of communist political indoctrination and propaganda. His unit was found by German courts to be responsible for several crimes, including the murder of Chris Gueffroy. Today he is chairman of the main personnel council of the German Federal Police and holds the rank Erster Polizeihauptkommissar. His subsequent employment as a policeman in reunified Germany has been the subject of fierce criticism and controversy.


Hüber was born in Görlitz. As a political officer, Hüber was responsible for giving the soldiers political instruction and propaganda. He worked for the Berlin regiment 33 (Treptow). His unit was responsible for the fatal shooting on February 6, 1989 of Chris Gueffroy, the last person to be shot on the inner German border. Hüber has tried to ban the mention of his name in connection with his work as political officer and has sued a German historian. His case and the question of how to deal with moral responsibility have been widely discussed in German newspapers. A similar case happened in March 2008, when Holm Singer, a former East German Stasi informant who betrayed local church officials under the pseudonym IM Schubert, won a court battle to prevent an exhibition from including his real name and clandestine activities. The interim injunction was later cancelled, as his name was considered to be of "historical interest".

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