Tom Novy

Intro German DJ
A.K.A. Thomas Reichold
Is Deejay Musician Record producer Composer
From Germany
Type Business Music
Gender male
Birth 10 March 1970, Kaufbeuren, Germany
Star sign Pisces
House music

Tom Novy (born Thomas Reichold) is a DJ and producer from Munich, Germany.


Tom Novy best known singles include "Without Your Love" and "Your Body". Novy started producing music in 1994 when he signed for the Munich-based record label, Kosmo Records, with his first record, "I House U", a cover of the Jungle Brothers' "I'll House You", with lyrics by Novy. His original tracks ran more along the subgenre of European-flavoured progressive house. Since then, Novy has moved to a Chicago-style garage house sound, usually vocalized.



Tom Novy 1995 "I House U" 1996 "The Odyssey" (with Afrika Islam & Vicky Culhoun) 1997 "Creator" (The Rave & Cruise Anthem) (with Oliver Morgenroth) 1999 "I Rock" (with Adrian Misiewicz & Virginia) – #55 UK 2000 "Now or Never" (with Adrian Misiewicz & Lima) – #64 UK 2000 "My Definition EP" 2000 "Welcome to the Race" (with Adrian Misiewicz & Lima) 2000 "Music Is Wonderful" (with Adrian Misiewicz & Lima) 2001 "Back to the Streets" 2002 "It's Over" (with Sabrynaah Pope) 2003 "Lovin' You" (with Adrian Misiewicz) 2003 "Without Your Love" (with Adrian Misiewicz & Lima) – #80 AUS 2004 "Your Body" (with Adrian Misiewicz & Michael Marshall) – #10 UK, #36 AUS 2005 "Take It (Closing Time)" (with Adrian Misiewicz, Jan Krause & Lima) – #54 AUS 2006 "Unexpected" (with Adrian Bahil & Robin Felder) 2007 "My House" (with Adrian Bahil & Michael Marshall) 2008 "Transformation" (with Isma-Ae & Transform) 2008 "Runaway" (with Adrian Bahil & Abigail Bailey) 2008 "Fluxkompensator" (with Adrian Bahil & Abigail Bailey) 2008 "Ziganje" (with Adrian Bahil) 2009 "(My City is) My Lab" (with Adrian Bahil & Sandra Nasic) 2010 "I Know You Want It" 2011 "Underground People" (with Strobe & Freakazoid) 2011 "Can We Live" (with Toni del Gardo) 2011 "Thelma & Luise" (with Veralovesmusic) 2012 "Walking on the Moog" 2012 "Tipsy Girl" (with Jashari) 2013 "Dancing in the Sun" (with Amadeas) 2013 "Feel It" (with Mekki Martin) 2013 "Ohne Dich" (with Anna Deutsch) 2014 "Time Might Tell" (with Veralovesmusic) 2014 "Nothing Lasts Forever" (with Amadeas) 2014 "Pumpin'" 2014 "Fat Cat" 2014 "Berlin Love" (with Amadeas) 2015 "Break the Silence" (with Milkwish & Abigail Bailey) 2015 "Flashlights" (with Veralovesmusic) 2016 "Kiss" (with Ron Carroll) 2016 "Closer to You" (with Milkwish & Abigail Bailey) 2017 "Magic Happens" (with Veralovesmusic) 2019 "I.O.U." 2019 Tom Novy & Milkwish – "Broken Dreams" Novy vs. Eniac All were collaborations with Eniac 1998 "Smoke Dis" 1998 "Superstar" – #25 Switzerland, #30 Austria, #32 UK, #56 Netherlands 1998 "Someday > Somehow" (with Virginia) 1999 "Pumpin'" – #19 UK Other aliases 2002 "The First The Last Eternity" (2002 Mixes), as Snap! vs. Tom Novy 2003 "@ Work", as Supermodel DJs (with Phil Fuldner) 2005 "I Need Your Lovin'", as Casanovy (with Adrian Misiewicz) 2006 "New Dimension", as Yvonn (with Adrian Bahil and Bill Brown) 2006 "The Power", as Tom Novy vs. TV Rock (with TV Rock) 2007 "Slap That Bitch", as Tom Novy vs. JCA (with Jean-Claude Ades, Patty the Downtownprincess and Simone Anés) 2008 "Rhythm Is a Dancer (2008)", as Novy vs. Snap! 2010 "Deep in My Soul", as Tom & Jerry feat. Loredana (with Jerry Ropero) 2011 "Take Me to the Top", as Tom & Jerry (with Jerry Ropero)


2000 My Definition 2006 Superstar


2007 Martijn ten Velden – I Wish U Would 2009 Snap – Exterminate 2019 Roger Sanchez – Lost Lost (Tom Novy’s Lost In Space Remix)

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