Intro King of the Sunga Dynasty of Northern India
A.K.A. Vasumitra Magadha
Is Monarch Noble Sovereign
From India
Type Royals
Gender male
Death 124BC

Vasumitra (or Sumitra, according to the d manuscript of the Matsya Purana) (r. 131 – 124 BCE; died 124 BCE), was the fourth ruler of the Shunga Empire of North India. He was the son of Agnimitra by his queen Dharini and brother or half-brother of Vasujyeshtha. In the Mālavikāgnimitram, act 5, verse 14, Kālidāsa tells us that Vasumitra guarded the sacrificial horse let loose by his grandfather Pushyamitra Shunga and he defeated a cavalry squadron of the Yona (Indo-Greeks) on the banks of the Indus River. Bana's Harshacharita mentioned him as Sumitra and informed us that he was killed by Mitradeva (or Muladeva, according to some manuscripts) while enjoying a drama. He was succeeded by Andhraka, Antaka, Bhagabhadra or Bhadra according to different puranas.

Preceded byVasujyeshtha Shunga Emperor131–124 BCE Succeeded byBhagabhadra

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